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Tonight your poetry hit me so hard. I succumbed to the rhythm of your words glancing into every aspect of my soul.

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If you've ever heard of flow, nothing takes me there like writing. I am a published poet, who is about to publish her second poetry book and I've written everything from art gallery reviews to screenplays and sonnets. I am a copywriter and have also been a dramaturgue and script developer in the past. I'm currently in the process of pitching of stoner coming of age comedy called "Over the Overpass" so feel free to ask me if you're curious. Finally, I've been getting into Spoken Word in the last couple of years so come find me at your local poetry slam!

Through The Vortex

Check out my book Through The Vortex in collaboration with the super talented artist who created "Tank Girl," Jim Mahfood.

Book Through The Vortex

Upcoming Projects

  • New Poetry Book Journeyful

  • Over The Overpass Screenplay

Over The Overpass

After a drunken stupor, a happy-go-lucky young man from TJ wakes up in LA with cocaine unknowingly in his anus. With the help of a beautiful, eccentric art curator and her friends, this small town slacker must survive the culture shock of hipsterdom and figure out why drug dealers are after…his ass.

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Book Through The Vortex

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Writing is my therapist.