She’s sailing in the high seas, 
Looking for demons to seduce with ease,
Seeking for treasures to steal from the mist,
Falling in love with those fears,
Which give her a reason to live.
Surviving smitten words,
Breaking beaten swords,
Nothing can stop her,
Cause she’s on a roll.
You can only catch her on a glimpse, 
The tentacles of greed,
She can try to escape,
But this majestic beast,
Will drag her deep in the bottom,
Of that wreck that is her ship.
So beware of the godly sirens,
Will the seducer become the seduced?
Is it her woven hair?
Or her scent you taste in the air?
Her temperament as turbulent as the seas,
Her glare as seductive as a breeze.
But those whispers she cannot seize,
They capture her mind,
Obliterate her bliss.
She’s chasing a mirage of things,
But it’s the adventure she really just needs.
That boiling of her blood she cannot appease,
the lust of desire kissing her hips.
So what will it be?
Will you ever stop chasing glory,
Or will you stop at nothing, 
'Till you get what is it you wish?
Will you become remains in an endless abyss,
Or will you behead the beast, 
That remains dormant beneath?