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Even though I'm still,
I'm not at peace.
Thousands of battles and explosions,
Are taking place behind my eyelids.

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I've been modeling since I was 17 and apart from the fact that I get to wear pieces I could ever only dream of, most importantly I get to be the real me! Throughout the years I've had the honor of modeling for some of my favorite clothing lines and have walked bright slippery runways in heeless heels. My image (as well as my physical self) has been displayed in art galleries as part of photography & art exhibits and I have been featured in sites I would order clothes from. From good ol' regular swimsuits and vintage dresses to alien streetwear and fembots, I get to play all day and fight the war against growing up!

As long as I inspire others to express themselves aesthetically in any way their please, I feel I have done my part. My dream is to bring the types of outfits you'd only see at festivals and cosplay conventions and have them become mainstream. I'm talking about them even being worn at offices. I know it all sounds very Sci-Fi but then again there's quantum computers so anything is possible!