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Dancing & Fire

The serpent slides serendipitously, selecting specific strokes, maeuvering meticulously to magical melodies of folklore.

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Fire & Props

Where I've Performed



Dancing is something that has always been a part of me. An expression of my existence. A free-spirited dancer, dancing to the sound of her soul. I've been fortunate enough to have performed at major festivals, as a dancer for a pop artist, for huge private parties, in music videos and even in big thetrical shows. I also perform with props, such as veil and fire fans, which I love combining with belly dancing.


The first time someone came up to me and said, "Your Twerkshop changed my life!"
I knew my favorite part being a dancer are the Twerkshops I teach. They simply bring such freedom and joy in others because the truth is you just can't be angry when you're shaking your butt! My specialty is twerking after all and I'll do anything to put a smile on someone's face.

Fire Fan Performance