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One gloomy evening I open my door and I am transported to a world unknown, where pixie dust is food for dreams. But fairies warn me not to sneeze, for the pretty dream will fade away.

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My background in acting ranges from local theatre to abstract narrative pieces. The idea of entering the psyche of another human or being excites me. I feel like Syd in Legion, living the life of another person as if it was a dream. Most of my training was done in Los Angeles though I've been performing in plays since I was five. I love playing the most insane character in any project because of the freedom of expression it provides me with. Comedy is another thing I'm naturally good at and I think it's because of the weird faces people tell me I make.

Dream Sequence from The Warehouse


Thanks to my wild imagination and obssession with nerdy things like Lord or The Rings, anime, vampires and all things fantasy, I often get hired to be a character in an immersive experience or an event like E3. I've been an ethereal fairy at a private mansion party, a sexy demon in the movie Book of Fire and I've even sat inside a glass display in bodypaint while reading a book.

"All the world's a stage and we are its actors," the famous Shakespeare wrote in his play As You Like it. Acting for me is escaping this stage and entering another one in which I am the creator. Forget about boundaries and rules. You are what you choose. A homeless saint, a disenchanted alien or an explorer of truths.

Park Scene From parousiomania

Dream Sequence from The Warehouse

Kidnap Scene From The Warehouse